New Site Offer!

After creating and managing websites for the past 15 years I’ve noticed a few things…Organized-Modern-Office

At first it seemed like a logical practice to create a new website from scratch and charge for the work once completed. I could allow customers access to updating their site themselves if they were inclined, or I was happy to make changes for them as requested. Of course, inevitably there would be stretches where the site might not be touched for months on end. The problem with this approach is that static information becomes stale and eventually ignored over time. My own company website was a perfect example of this and compelled me to search for an innovative solution.

After months of consideration, I believe I have found a solid solution with WordPress. Yes, WordPress. I’m sure most folks initial reaction to hearing that is “…isn’t WordPress for blogs?”. Well, yes and no. Here is a link to some major companies that use WordPress for their sites. Nice, right? One huge advantage to this approach is that WordPress has literally thousands of templates to choose from. They all look professional, are easily transferable, and all translate seamlessly across platforms and devices.

When it comes to design, it is important for a company website to be consistent with the use of graphic elements from one format to another. That’s a basic principle of branding. The amount of design element consistency that is necessary will be always debatable, of course, and can always be incorporated to any format or template to a certain degree.

Another advantage to the WordPress solution is that I don’t have to spend a lot of time creating a site from scratch. Less time on my part means more savings on your part! In addition, updating or redesigning a site is also fairly simple.

Typically, I would need to charge at least a minimum of an hour (my current rate stands at $60/hr.) for site updates, no matter how little, each month an update was requested. Moving forward, though, I am offering customers a new website at no initial charge, and only $30 per month for unlimited updates. That means no charge for one domain purchase, initial administrative set-up, or design. That being said, I will ask that you to submit content to me for the initial roll-out! Content refers to the information you want to convey. You are the content author. Simply place the information you want to communicate in a Word document or similar file format, break it up into sections that represent each page, include any images you would like to see, and I will get it started for you. If you ever get stuck on what do for an update, I will be happy to offer suggestions for turning random site viewers into returning visitors. For billing, I can invoice you at the first of each month, accepting payment by check, through PayPal or even Bitcoin. Let’s talk about your new site via email ( or Facebook today!

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